yea i think joel grieves has one, he was saying that it does metal pretty good, try it with an overdrive on the gain channel and see what you think
I wouldn't recommend that amp. I've heard bad things about the combo versions of the DSL. I think you'd be better off to go for something like a Peavey XXX Super 40, or perhaps even a Peavey 6505 combo if you want to play metal. Although, if you don't intend on spending the bulk of your time playing metal, then a Traynor YCV50 Blue would be a good amp to check out. It's got some great tones, and will do metal pretty decently with an OD pedal. Here's some links:



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yeah i was gonna get a peavey xxx but i do spend a lot of time on classic rock so... can the blue one do metal with a pedal?
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