On my Schecter Gryphon, whenever I play the high E string open, all I get is a vibration-like sound. I get no note, tone or anything, just vibration. So I usually put a peice of paper under the nut, and that solves the problem. Well last night, I was going to lower my action, so I loosened up my string a little. After I got about 2 steps down from standard tuning, the string snapped a the nut. I was wondering why it broke at the in the first place? Then, I tried to put on another string to replace it after I lowered my action, and it buzzed just as much even with the paper underneath the string. So I loosened it up a little to try to put another piece under to see if that was the problem, and It snapped at the same exact spot as the first one... So anyway, I was wondering why the string snaps at the nut, seeing as there are no sharp edges near it, and if there was a way to fix the nut without taking the whole nut out and replacing it. Thanks
it could be they way the nut has been cut or the strings used, to be honest its probably just easier if you get another nut, theyre pretty damn cheap
seems like your nut has a burr in it. now about the vibrations have you checked your neck relief