I was thinking about changing pickups on my axe. i did some research on a few pickups, and DiMarzio breeds (DP165/DP166) have some good reviews. I just don't know if two breeds will sound good togeter, because i see a lot of people with differen pups in their gutars. What do you guys think?
I have an ibanez RG220B, and i play stuff like tool, radiohead, SOAD. So Rock/jazz/Alt. you tjimk those pickups will pull it off?
The Breeds are quite powerful pickups, so they'll definitely fit for rock/metal. Have you considered any other pickup combos, like Tone Zone & Air Norton?
No, i thought that it's better to have two fo the same, thats not true? lol
two differnt ones will mean you can scope your sound more.

i like the paf pro/d-sonic combination
or evos
Well, the Breeds (neck/bridge) have different tonal qualities anyway...

But yeah, I suggest considering all the options. Not saying that Breeds are bad pickups or anything, though.
yea im reading about AIR NORTON right now, they also have great reviews like the BREEDs. no wi don't know what to pick. lol