Yeah Hey, I have an Old Cortez Les Paul copy, I mean its probably almost 30 years old and the pickups in it have been starting to fail, and I bought regular gibson Les Paul humbucker pick-ups to put in it, but the color coating is completely different is there any easy way for me to figure out which ones are the hot and ground wires?
If the guitar is 30 years old, I would recomend replacing all the electronics.

Either that, or get a wiring diagram.
alright thanx for the suggestions, ive never replaced my pick-ups so i wasnt sure what the best battle plan was haha
i second the motion for replacing all the electronics, it would be like putting nice wheels on a car, then putting the old tires on them
"insert witty somewhat racial, innapropriate, degrading comment here"
haha very nicely put haha thnx, Ill make an attempt cause I dont really have the money to get it done professionally so Im gonna wing it haha
Make sure you document EXACTLY how it's currently wired. Take several pictures, draw out the wiring scheme, etc.