Check out the Ibanez Head and Munky signatures.
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Check out the schecter c-7 or the schecter 007 elite. Stay away from the Korn Sig. guitars, which i do not think they make anymore.
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I'd say its pointless if you get the korn signature Ibanez, coz you're paying extra just for their names. And it just plays as beautiful as the RG1527. The "U" bar...meh, dont need them IMO.
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Schecters have better pickups, and Ibanez's have a good trem available.

Personally, for a 7-string, I'd get a Schecter for the superior tone.
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Schecter and Carvin have some nice 7 strings.
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Schecter all the way, for me. Their C-7 Hellraiser kicks most 7 string guitars all over the place, and it's stupendous for all things metal. It's got an inch longer neck(26.5 inches), but I think you'll love it. 699$.