Alright so I've been listening to this dude for the last few months or so, and barely realized we have a forum that you can discuss hip hop in.

Anyway this dude is from Harlem New York I believe. He writes a lot about politics and the street with some thought out realistic rhymes and his beats are kill with some originality put into them. He even raps about how other hip hop artists have sold against what the music is really all supposed to be about haha. It's fantastic.

I have Black Cargo, Revolutionary 1 and 2, and the music is all good. He keeps it down to earth and real with what hip hop is supposed to be like, and a what an everyday person is about. The streets, politics, and the truth about life. Discuss if you will, and please recommend any other artists like him if you know them so maybe I can look for their work.

Immortal Technique>all

He's ****in class with his lyrics/flow/beats etc. My fav song his is Cause Of Death but they're all good.

As far as similar artists, I don't many. I seem to find that most people who like Immortal also like Illmatic by Nas, Infamous by Mobb Deep, and alot of 90's rap albums but they're not exactly "similar"
Please do a search
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