Half empty glasses never dry
Because peoples lies never die
It makes me sad, to see
That everyone is mad
Can't they be glad?

No respect
For the state of being

Travel to the land of pure deciet
For everyone there is a zombie
They can not see
Complain of problems everywhere
They could fix it
But they are stuck in self despair
Blaming anything, reminds me of monkeys
No respect
For the state of being

Hello there angry man
No it's not your fault
And it's also not theirs
Don't you become damned
Don't go blaming anyone
Because somehow life goes on
Yes the world is full of strife
Because people go and blame
It is always the same

No respect
For the state of being

Yesterday I fell asleep on a bench
When I awoke there was a man standing next to me
A gun gripped tightly in his hand
He asked me for money
But before I could say anything
He fell to the ground
The body was stained red
The man was dead
No respect
For the state of being

It's okay though we are all human
We make mistakes every now and then
I think we still ought to be ashamed
Our civillization is nearing an end
We are slowly killing ourselves
Being lazy is not a fad
It's how we live now
Still it is very sad

No respect
For the state of being
i agree with dirge. you have a good idea but parts of this have been used many times before. i think you need to write more of your own ideas rather than things that have been said before. it sounds like you're disgusted with our society, so if you really are then if you think about it enough it should all flow out naturally. still this wasn't a bad piece in my opinion, some of it was good, i really enjoyed "Being lazy is not a fad, It's how we live now".

if you don't mind taking a look at my piece from my sig, it has a few similar ideas.