im learning my scales and modes form my guitar teacher and i go up and down one scale/mode back and forth and forth and back and it just seems so boring. what are some other things i can do with these scales/modes to pracitce them but do something other than just go up and down them? thanks.

ps. ive learned the minor pentatonic scale and the ionian, dorian, and phrygian modes of the major scale so far (im learning the other 4 modes next week.)
try and improvise with them, like play the scale then add some notes in to make it sound cool like a solo. ive got most of the modes down faily quick and accurate
yea, improvise on it
i'd suggest you get "Band in a Box" you can put the chords there.. and improvise on it
you have no idea how much that software improves you..
Trying going linear, dude.. Playing the scales up and down single strings instead of patterns up and down the 6 strings - I hear that worked well for a certain Joe Satriani.

Try string skip up one pattern, then go legato on the way back down - Just mix it up, you know?

Try thinking of the notes as exactly that - notes and pitches, as opposed to patterns.
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practice your scales in 3rds and fourths, practice in staccato down, and legato up. remember scales are the building blocks of music... so start making music with them.. miss some notes out, put a few leading notes in, add some bends etc... try and bend to the next note instead of plucking it... all should help..