Thanx for checking my last group of tunes. HEre are some that are on the more mellow side. Again, like all the stuff I currently have on soundclick, these are improvised. I just find a backing track and jam.

The first was a test jam for my Agile ST1000. I had gottne the guitar and wanted to get a nice neck pickup melodic overdrive sound with the TLSE. I found a really cheesey sentimental sounding 80's arena sounding ballad backing track and just improvised a melody over it. First take, no rehearsal or anything because the purpose was not to actually make music but just hear the guitar recorded. However, the theme grew on me, so I will be reworking this into an actual fully developed composition.


This next clip is a clean, jazzy/bluesy type thing. I was hunting backing tracks online and came accross one for Vai's Tender Surrender. My parts on this track are in no way related to the song, I just used the backing track as a platform upon which to improvise. I gotta admit it took about 3 takes to finally get the keeper. It is, of course, completely un edited and improvised. It starts off slowly with subdued octaves and such, but if you listen close you may hear the occasional swept arpeggio......

^ I will check out your songs later, but in the mean time you might want to put all of them in one thread, instead of creating three separate ones, alright?
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Listening to the first one now:

Again, need vibrato on those sustained notes, but I am liking your phrasing.

Some of it around 1:05 seems forced and out of time.

I liked the pinch harmonic at 1:29. It's helping pick up the emotional atmosphere

I LOVE the bend at 2:02. As well as your tone when you come in to shred at about 2:30.

I liked the melody theme that you kept going back to. I look forward to hearing this after you have reworked.

Again, this is really good for an improvisation. I'll get to your second song later as I really like Steve Vai and look forward to hearing what you did with Tender Surrender's backing track. In case you don't see my other crit, here's a link to mine if you wouldn't mind giving it a critique.

Chase09, Thanx for listening. Going to your link now...... I am not a very good critic, but I will listen and make a comment. At school we had to sit on student juries once and I hated it, always afraid my opinions will offend. When I was teaching it was one thing, cause I was getting paid to guide someones musical development, but peer to peer is quie another....