Ok, so recently I ahve been trying to work out the different parts for blood sweat and tears ' spinning wheel" if anyone knows that song.

But all I ahve been able to work out is the main piano riff. which is just octaves. So basically what I'm asking is.

Are there any tips on how to work out Chords that the brass section are playing. I can't make it out at all and i can't tell if i'm wrong or right when I play a chord.

I was thinking about mabye doing a cover. We don't ahve a full brass section, just a tenor sax. But I would need to know the chords.

..I may add to this quesiton later, hehe.
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get the chords of the internet ?

if you wanna take it our by ear... it would take some blood sweat and tears..
haha, very droll.

I have managed to find a MiDi fille and I tihnk the chords I wanted were (I don't know what hey are called but tahe notes are:

1st chord: C F Bb Eb
2nd chord: F Bb Eb Ab

At least I ithnk that's what they are. Though the quesiton still stasnds for future reference, if anyone can hlp.
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