Sounded pretty good, I like the tone. Heard some mistakes, but overall pretty good. The rhythm part was a little high pitched, should turn the treble down for it. The bridge "If there's a bustle in your hedgerow" part was played a little too fast. I absolutely loved the solo, even though it wasn't really like the original it was still really good. It matched the rhythm being played behind it real well. Overall 8.5/10
It started out nicely, but got a little sloppier as it went along (but as you said, Page wasn't the neatest player ever).

There were a few parts where you would mi**** a note, and it'd end up screwing an entire measure or two, though.

The post-solo chords seemed a little out of time and sometimes didn't sound like the right chords.

The solo was... creative, but a little... annoying sometimes? :confused

If it's from "ages ago", you've obviously improved. It wasn't horrible, but definetly not top notch.