Listening to it now:

Nice cheesy GP keyboard intro.

Not really digging your tone a whole lot.

The chord dissonance at around 4:15 isn't very pleasing to the ear, but that's not really your fault.

I don't like the clean tone on the lead at about 5:30.

I actually did like the sweeps at about 7 mins and your following lead.

The guitar becomes hard to hear at about 8:45. Try to turn up the volume.

Nice job on the outro, that's the coolest part of the song IMO. Dang, you cut it short.

Overall, it was a pretty decent cover. Definitely good enough to perform this live if you could get a band together. I may have seemed somewhat harsh on a few things, but that's just because I'm a huge DT fan so I'm going to be critical. Dream Theater songs tend to be hard to cover because of Petrucci's incredible skill on the guitar, but you pulled it off.

Would you mind critting mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=374791
You and your hour-long-symphonic covers...

Anywho, guitar sounds just a tad out of tune at times. Tone wasn't but best but hey, I give you props for covering this long of a song.

Overall, it was pretty good. I really liked it. The crit above mine is about as in-depth as you can get.
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