Does anyone know what guitar Brian Baker used when he was briefly on second guitar following Lyle Preslar's return?
In the video that i sawof them it looked like he had a Les Paul. But i could be wrong.
Almost Positive it was a Les Paul.
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yah, les paul definately. i think i remember hearing somewhere that he still has that les paul and uses it for Bad Religion from time to time live
on their live dvd he uses an all black guitar(les paul?) with a white skull painted on the back, thats the one i want to know about
I know he used a white sg when I saw a Dag Nasty vid from about '85 I think

Well, when he played w/ Bad Religion during the 90's he used an all black Les Paul, dunno about the sticker
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yah, but on that one show he used an SG. that's from the live DVD. im pretty sure he used a les paul for the majority of the shows he played with Minor Threat as guitarist. I remember reading an article where he said he got to play guitar as a younger child with Santana, and he played his Les Paul