Ok, I'm really not happy with the sound I get from my DSL401 and Gibson LP Studio when I play stuff palm muted. It just sounds incredibly sterile. Also, it doesnt sound as good as I'd like it to when playing normally. Im not using any pedals, just guitar -> wireless -> amp. This is on low volume btw. I havent cranked the amp recently. I'm pretty sure it just needs some EQ work but I've tried so many combos and none sound right.

Any help?
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Ever tried boosting it with an overdrive like an sd-1 to even out the sound a tad?
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yeah, I was going to say, try something like a TS9 or OD808. They work great as a tone "tightener" if you set the OD low and balance high. It makes palm mutes nice and tight with some edge.
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It's most likely because of your low volume, try cranking it just for a while to see if you can fix it then.
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try a regular cable maybe, i find that wireless **** compresses the sound alot, ant itll prlly make u sound beter overall
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i've got a Peavey Valveking 100watt stack and I have the same problem. Probably because the amp was geared towards classic rock. It has never been cranked because I live in a house I think I will buy a tubescreamer. Which one is best for metal btw 909 or 808?
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