so yeah i wanna play metal with really destorted sound and i wanna get a new amp and im tlakin to a friend of mine and i was askin about tube amps and she was like tube amps suck and if you gonna be playin metal no one is gonna notice cuse of all the destortion so it doesnt matter if you have really bad soundin cleans if she right?? o and right now im playin wit my practise amp a marshall MG15cd and my budget is about 500 american
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tube amps > solid states

your friend doesn't know her ****. mesa dual rectifier would be good for you but thats more than $500. save more, because a decent amp won't be available till you reach about $800-$1000
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she's partially right, for under $500, it's going to be hard to find a good metal tube amp. Have to consider something, it's not only the cleans that are better on tube amps, 99% of the metal albums that everyone listens to are recorded with tube amps. If you can save up a little more, you should be able to get into some of the good used high gain amps.
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I agree with Erock503. Under $500, you're not really getting into metal territory yet. Save some more money, and you might find a used Peavey 5150 or 6505, perhaps a Traynor Blue (depending on your finances).

But if you're stuck at $500, then you might be able to make do with a (solid state) Roland Cube 60. Or if you really want to go tube, a Peavey Valve King or used Classic 30 just might be able to satisfy you with an overdrive boost, but they might not be metal enough for what you're after.
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