I'm not sure what this is called but Jack White uses it in his songs!
Like in "As Ugly As I Seem" and "Hardest Button To Button"
He keeps a bass line going on either the low e or the a string while similatenously, Playing the rest of the song on the higher strings with his fingers.
I just can't get the hang of it
Help I need badley.
he over dubs it on the records (ie records them separately), your best listening to a live version to see how e does it ther.
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in the live version he just plays the high strings. Same with seven nation army - the solo on the recording has a rhythm guitar backlide and live he only plays the solo
For Seven Nation Army, he does not use a bass. He uses an octave pedal to lower the pitch and uses a semi-acoustic guitar to get a nice reverb sound. He just release the pedal for the solo.
Live, he doesn't play the rhythm parts, only the solo (basically the higher stuff)
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