so yeah, i was digging through my CD collection, and remembered an absolute gem i haven't listened to in ages. in my opinion, 'the lost riots' is a fantastic record that makes me glow everytime i listen to. i also found out they released a new CD called 'Left' that i am envious to hear.

thoughts? i know they haven't been mentioned in here for a while. favourite songs? '66 sleepers to summer' has gotta be one of mine.

edit: for a couple of tracks to listen to, go here http://www.hopeofthestates.com/left/site.html
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i've only heard one of their songs, 'the red the white the blue the black' and i couldn't enjoy the guy's voice at all. it bothers me because i think i would have liked the song otherwise.

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edit: ^ Whoa, two people who hate his voice. I have the perfect song for you then. (You are now being transferred to my original post.)

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The best song they have ever created is Black Amnesias. It's the only one I like. .....Because it ruuuules! Yay absence-of-vocals! Yay over-the-top crescendos! Yesss.
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yeah. quite fun. theyre pretty good live. i have the lost riots (on vinyl) and 'l'ark de les enfants terrible' (the really limited edition cd they gave out fifty off at each of their gigs on a tour a while back).

enemies/friends and black dollar bills are the best songs.
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great band. i have the lost riots (some special edition one) and winter riots dust rackets which i had to import from japan. real annoyed they only supplied a limited amount of blood merdian, especially as i don't have an ebay account to get one off there

must get left at some point too. anyways, yeah, great band as i said before.
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