Hey, im just interessted on any comments about my bands music. Have a look at http://www.myspace.com/myuntilfurthernotice. I know the drums are a little odd (no drum recording equipment had to use the PC) but apart from them what do you think. Any comments appriciated.
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It was pretty good. The guitars were a little off from each other, but they were with the drums, just practice the song alot more and that should help a lot. The guitar sounds really fuzzy, cut back on the scoop a little and cut the gain back a tad, it might be the mic used to record. Just keep working at it, i'll send a freind request.
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Not my cup of tea. If your vocalist could sing a little better and you could get the rhythms and timing of your riffs worked out (ie tighten up your sound) it wouldnt be horrible.
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