Ok there's a chance I'm going to be moving into a flat soonish... and obviously neighbours aren't all fond of the sound of blaring bass guitar. So I've been thinking about rigging up a system allowing me to play properly with headphones.

Currently when I play through headphones, I simply go through the line out on my Behringer, but with the semi-low quailty headphones and the whole system being, let's face it, inadequate, it sounds ****.

I want to set up a system wihich will faithfully replicate my amp and bass's true sound - so would that involve buying a certain type of mixer or really good headphones or a speaker cable to an external mixer or something? I truely know nothing about it but I want to be able to get a proper bass sound through it.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!
Musicman Stingray 3EQ
im thinkin its the headphones

i dont know teh specific specs to look for, but on teh back fo all headphones are its specs, you want tone that can handle teh lower pitches of teh bass
Look for closed back headphones. I read somewhere the bass response is better on closed-back.

A decent pair will cost you atleast $50. A really good pair will cost you up to $100+.

Also, if you have a tube amp (or decide to get one). You could look into an attenuator (I'm not sure if you need a special attenuator for headphones, but I do know that weber sells a headphone attenuator)