Looking for a bridge pickup for my Ibanez RG with a basswood body. I want something with high output but it has to be suitable for tuning down to B for playing stuff like Carcass. I mainly play through a Roland Cube 30 on the 5150 and Recto modes. I don't care about cleans, I just want a pickup that will handle this low tuned stuff without getting too muddy. I am considering the Duncan Invader, the Duncan Distortion, or maybe the DiMarzio X2N. Anybody have experience with low tunings and any of these or similar pickups?
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out of those, i would go with Duncan Invaders. From what i hear, they are pretty awesome for metal. on a side note, carcass is fucking great.
The duncan invader is quite muddy once you go below standard, and even in standard is very muddy.

I recommend the DiMarzio X2N, or a Bill Lawerence of some description
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I have an X2N in my RG as well, and with a basswood body. It sounds pretty good actually for low tunings. The lowest i've ever gone was probably to a standard C tuning. I always have my RG in D though. No it doesnt get muddy andits a great pickup.
^ yeah I am leaning toward the X2N... I like Chuck's sound, but I always thought it could have more low end. However, the X2N is probably right for me because the mids and highs are more emphasized than the bass, and if i get a bass-heavy pickup in B it would probably sound too muffled.
The X2N bridge pickup all evens out the sound since both our RG's are made out of basswod which naturaly has the bass into the sound and adding the X2N will give those mids and highs like you mentioned. The X2N isn't muffled or muddy at all.
How would the JB fare with same tonewood and tuning as the original poster?
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