Me and my Dad are thinking about building a guitar from scratch over the summer. I know next to nothing about woodwork, but lots about guitars. He knows nothing about guitars but has 20+years of woodwork. he can get all of the tools needed for the project and he knows places to get woods etc.

I was thinking of a King V body (simple shape, quickest etc).
The finish will be black with eiter chrome or balck hardware (havent decided which would look better)

I want to put an original floyd rose on it.

For pickups i was thinking either an EMG 81/60 or Bill lawrence l-500xl and an l-500c(or Regular).

the neck will be painted maple with a 24 fret ebony fretboard and block inlays.

I want to make it a thru-neck for 2 reasons, Sustain and fret access. but theres two problems.

a) dont know the neck angle needed for a FR (I've heard some say no neck angle, some say about 3 degrees)

b) dont want to have to make my own fret board (inlays and fret distances etc)

I want to know is it worth going ahead with the thru neck and just taking extra time with the fretting and inlaying or is it just better to make an All access neck joint and buying a pre made neck?

The attached pics show the basic Idea for the guitar but instead of that 3+3 head I was thinking of the RAN head

like this

but all black

tell me what you think of the design and whether or not I should do the thru neck or the AANJ. Thanks in advance. Also when the build starts I'll make a new thread. thanks in advance.
custom Idea1.JPG
custom Idea2.JPG
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Neck Through would be better, but... I say get a Wizard or something off eBay.
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