I was replacing my guitar strings the other day, and while I was tuning my guitar up, I couldn't seem to tune my guitar back to drop D by ear. So I was wondering, is their was any way to tune it to drop D with an electric tuner?
on mine, it picks up the note automatically, so just tune it til it changes from E to D if yours does that too
drop D is lower than stndard right? Well when I try to go from E to D it goes from E to B and then doesn't register.
Put your finger on the seventh fret on your E string, and then tune down until your tuner reads it as an A. That's what I do.
You can tune the 12th fret on the E string until your tuner reads D (That might help with yours having problems picking up the low D).
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dbz.. if your guitars d string is in tune.. just tune the low e to the d by plucking both at the same time and raising and lowering the pitch accordingly
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