this is my attempt at Panama by Van Halen, there is no solo as i have not got that far into the song, I make a few timing mistakes and i need to work on the harmonics

I have only been playing for just under a year and im self taught
so please tell me if anything is wrong
also please comment on the tone

I am happy to crit for crit just leave a link in your post


I think you know what you're doing, but you have to work on it. Once you get everything sounded good it'll be close to perfect.

I haven't listen to the song in a while and I don't feel like taking out the CD, but based upon what I remember I'll make a comparison...

First off, the opening part - you've got the chords right, it just sounds a little choppy. After the chords, when you do the slides, those could be a little neater.

Basically everything apart from the chords just needs to be cleaned up a bit. As you said, you need to work on harmonics, but like everything else, those take practice.

There's a couple points where you hesitated - not tremendously, but enough for me to notice you weren't quite in time with the real song.

For the most part just sharpen everything up. After you do that, record it again and we'll see how you've improved.

Hope my criticism helped. I think it's got a lot of potential. Remember - practice makes perfect.
pretty good
yea did you have drum machine or did you have s drummer

here is mine

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Its sounding pretty good right now. I thought the tone was good and everything you're playing sounds good as well. You just need to get everything flowing a little better, some of it sounds a bit choppy. Just keep working on it though, and you'll get it down.
thanks for the comments, I know i need to work on it a bit as u have said practice makes perfect

as for the drums.. it is a backing track i got from guitarbt
Great cover.
I really like your tone.
Nice and crunchy.
You certainly got the feel for the song.
You sometimes get thrown off a little when the harmonics don't ring but that's nothing bad.
Brush up on a few harmonics here and there you'll be ripping it up like nobody's business.
Nice tone, I'll give you that. I'd say you're about halfway to getting it down. You have the basic idea, but you still hit wrong notes here and there, and your timing gets off several times. You should definately work on it more.
play it over and over and over again a lot, then rerecord it. guarenteed to get great feedback cause it will sound great by then
Its pretty good! The drum backing track is real good, and obviously the guitar playing is real good! I enjoyed it
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what tab did you use?
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