I listened to this earlier today, I love the vocals. The keyboards are alright, but overall I like how it sounds.
oh no man! my computer cant run whatever plays the songs on pure volume! perhaps there is another site i can hear this on?
OK, Lift Me Up - Just not my cup of tea. I mean I am sure there is an audience for this style of music, and I am not saying it is bad, but nowhere near any style of music that I listen to. (It's not you it's me!!) That said, some interesting ideas in there. The recurring syncopated part is cool. Not a fan of this style of vocals at all.

Dream of A Dying Man - Much better. I like the mood of this piece and even the vocals here. The mood is just so cool, very relaxing, 70's kind of vibe. I do like the vocal layering here too. The acoustic guitar @ 1:33 is very tinny though, no actual tone to it. You don't hear the the room like you would were it recorded in an acoustically treated environment with a good condenser mic. However, it can be very difficult to get good acoustic tones.

Eyes of Fire - Love the vocals, and the backing at :49. Your dad does have a good sense of song structure. The acoustic guitar sits very nicely in the mix here. Actually, this is the best mix of the 4 tunes (listened to each twice, once just to listen, one to type my thoughts as the music moves....) At about 2:25 when the song breaks for the brief solo, nice feel to that section.

Mother- I like this. Again, the quality of the recording and synth sounds could use some work, but the musical ideas are sound. This is actually a really good piece with some serious development potential. Nice dynamics throughout. Dynamics are often lacking in the myriad of net recordings I have heard. This could be developed into a full blown Sonata For Synth and Drums" complete with development section, secondary and tertiary movements, etc......

On all the tracks, the drums are terribly thin. The synth sounds are also not exactly industry standard. The recording on Mother especially has some noise that is distracting, but I like the ideas your dad employs here. Seriously I would love to hear Mother fully developed... (that comment sounds kinda sick if you read it aloud...) He does seem to have some solid musical instincts.

In my thread I mentioned a strong dislike for playing the role of the critic for fear of offending..... Sorry if I have, just telling what I hear. I am nit-picky about a lot of things. But overall good stuff here, though most of it is not my style.
One more thing, what is the music scene like in your part of Ohio? I need to get away from Florida and my girl has family in Ohio (Cincinatti area). Next year I will be looking for both IT (Networking and database management) and session gigs in one of the "non southern" states...... Ill likely post a new thread asking folks about the scene where they live.....

Dream of a Dying Man

I like the water sample in the beginning. Allthough, the violin sounds kinda crappy. Wow... Love the vox! They're a bit weak in some places, but mostly they are performed very well. Good job there. The backing works well. I like how the song builds up. The guitar acoustic solo is ok. Maybe a bit too quiet, and a touch of reverb would sound good too. Same goes to electric solo. It's well played, but a bit weak. All in all, one of the best produced/performed songs I've heard here in a while.

Eyes of Fire

I'm loving this! Once again, the vox are great. That chorus is killer with the backing vocals. This has sorta latin pop/rock feel to it. Not very fond of the brass solo, but the guitar solo makes it up. A little Santana feel there. Good job!

I haven't got time to listen the other songs now...
you expect critism for this? whats to crtitisize??! apart from a little improvement on the keyboard sound and turning up the lead electric its spot on. sorry!

best bits:
acoustic lead bit
water sample
first of all, cheers for the great crit on my bands acoustic piece, very constructive and much appreciated,

i listened 2 the first track, and i loved how it was composed overall and i was very impressed with the vocals overall, nothing i can think to say negatively actually, it was a nice track.

9/10. very good indeed.
Great song! My only crit would be the tone for the first solo, kinda lifeless, but still very well done! Why isn't your dad famous?
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