Thats pretty good! It's simple but it gets the feeling across. What do you use to record?
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Get rid of all that fret buzz and It'll sound pretty good. Not bad.
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Get rid of all that fret buzz and It'll sound pretty good. Not bad.

I'm not sure if it was fret buzz, it could be humming from my amp, but thank you.
Listening to it now:

Nice intro, I like the chord progression, although you could add in a few chord embellishments to make it cooler.

It would be nice if you had a lead as around 40 secs in, it starts to get boring, try changing the tempo.

Okay, now you've started strumming the chords. It sounds cool, though around 1:10 it's kind of repetative. Try to change the time signature.

Love the chord change at round 1:30.

Good transition back to main riff.

Overall, considering how long you have been playing, this is pretty good. Mind critting mine? Link is in the sig and leave your comments here.

I liked the reverb - good choice, but the amp/fret buzzing was quite annoying after a while lol. If I was you I might also cut back a little on your treble/presence just to make it a little less twangy in some places.

Like chase09 I really liked the bit after 1.30ish - very very cool.

It was pretty good overall!

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Here goes...

Clean tone is quite decent, and while the reverb is a nice touch, I think you should just lay off of it just a bit.

Riff is pretty catchy.....but it gets just a bit repeititve.......it's good that you changed the strumming though. I suggest some sort of a clean or soft distorted lead over the clean rhythm.

I do think that this would go quite well with vocals though. Cool little tune.

Check out mine?
it sounds good. overall it just takes a little while to get going. it doesnt sound haunting though, work on the atmosphere a bit if that what you're aiming for, it cant make its mind up cause later on it sounds all happy n cheerful. also work on the ending!