I was woundering if any of UG's luthiers can give me some advice because I want to get into customizing.
So here is me situation that im in I've seen some builds on UG and other guitar sites that have made me want to get into it, but I have very little experince with wood working tools, one year of school shop (Gr. 8), so I dont know what I should do, should I buy an old beater with a decent body then mod it? (electronics arent a problem my dad knows how to do it so know worries), I know that my first project should not be from scratch so thats out off the question.
So what should I do as a first project to get started with?
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Building a partsocaster is a good first project, but you wont learn much apart from electronics and finsih if you don't buy a prefinished body.

If you have little woodworking tools and experience i suggest buying some tools gradually and doing some projects with them. It doesn't have to be guitar related e.g you could build a cd rack or something. Any woodworking helps.
^^ I agree as well. Try building a body, then buying a neck and assembling all the pieces. Use another guitar as a template so you can line everything up right. You'll learn ALOT from doing it that way.
another great way to get off to a good start is to purchase a template rather than just using another guitar.

the downside is if you don't plan on doing this very often, buying a template setup is a little bit more expensive than you may like.

typically around $60 for the template (which can be re-used over and over again) and about 25-30 for a template bit on a router at home depot