Ok, I was bored so I did this for the hell of it.

So just give a little listen and tell me how bad I suck.

I'll give you the mistakes before you hear it:

The two guitars go out of sync at times

Pre-Solo isn't right

Solo was just made up out of my ass

Heres the site

well the solo was exactly right but liked the tone,
the riff was prety good

um yea

neone else want to crit mine here ya go

Call me Sean
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Yes i am
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ha, that's funn you said the solo was right, cuz I honestly just made it up.
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You honestly can't go around advertising your cover in other people's threads. It doesn't work that way dude.


Well, you definately added your own little twist to it. It'd sound a whole lot better if you played both guitars at the same time all the way through (minus the intro). They go on and off sometimes. Solo wasn't bad for just an improv. Did I mention I like the tone?

Oh by the way, I don't know if you've seen the Metallica Contest thread, but you can enter this cover if you like.
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Since you know where you messed up, I won't bother restating. I loved your tone. Excellent job to do it just for the hell of it.
yeah, I already knew that song pretty well except for the solo so I was just bored and did it.
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You honestly can't go around advertising your cover in other people's threads. It doesn't work that way dude.

Ya you can.
Anyway, I really like your tone, What do you use?
lol, the solo's well impovised!
8/20 needs a b/t!
needs a b/t? what's a b/t? bass.. thimble? idk

anyways i've got a schecter omen-6 with a line 6 spyder II amp
Backing track!
Nice sound off the line 6, I might be getting one tho i heard they are very digitilizd!
oh so like the drums to the song? if you could hook me up with something like that you'd definately be my god