Does anybody know of any bands that use lap steel? QotSA is the only one I know of and I want more lap steel.
Led Zeppelin does some of the time.
Which Led Zeppelin songs use lap steel? I've heard a couple that use pedal steel and I think some use slide guitar, but I don't think slide guitar, pedal steel, and lap steel are the same.
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Robert Randolph.
Hes cool. He was on the last Santana album with kirk hammet.

And that was RR's weakest stuff. I don't know too many modern rock bands but check out Ben Harper for some good lap steep action.
Pink Floyd. Listen to Breathe from Dark Side Of The Moon. I think so anyway, he did at Live 8.
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^ Was just thinking of Pink Floyd. David Gilmour plays it quite a bit...not that they're Modern Rock, but never mind.

Lap steel and pedal steel are similair, but pedal steels are more complicated. They have pedals attached to the strings to raise or lower the pitch, while lap steels just have traditional tuning pegs.

There's a few Neil Young songs with lap steel, particularly from his album Harvest...but again, that's not M.R. Hmm...I'm all out of ideas.
Apollo Sunshine does in a few of their songs. "Flip" comes to mind. I think Gomez uses a lap steel sometimes too, but don't quote me on that.