Hi, I was just wondering if some of you could help me with my practice.

I have learned the 5 positions of the maj and minor and the pentatonics. I've been playing them etc, but decided to take the major scale and work on different exercises learning that.

But Im just now sure I'm practicing the right way in order to make the most of my playing. What are the things I should be practicing and learning now in order to proceed?
modes? phrygian/lydian/aeolian etc.

edit: technique-wise, work on improving what you believe are your weaknesses. if you have a teacher he should be able to point them out
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Just a couple of simple ideas here: practice chromatic scales with precise and clean alternate picking, and take parts (a couple measures) of the hard parts of songs and practice it until you can do it flawlessly. Search for the 21 day method.
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where can I find help on the dif positions on the Pentatonic scales?
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Quote by The Master Plan
where can I find help on the dif positions on the Pentatonic scales?
wwwdotwholenotedotcom under basics. Use the scale finder.
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