Yes please help me. I am getting a new guitar soon and I have 500 USD dollars to spend. I play Hard Rock/ and Alternative rock. Any suggestions, I'll go for anything (except Schecters).

Thanks again.
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well, cheap fenders maybe, even though i hate fenders, esp's maybe for your hard rock stuff, it all depends on your amp alot too though
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ibanex rg 2 ex1 or 3 ex1, go to guitar center and ask to try them out, i doubt youll be disapointed, wats wrong with schecters???
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Okay guys thanks for all the input. I guess a Schecter would be okay. Thanks for all the input, how is the Ibanez SZ320???
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I'm Nick.
Quite good actually, very nice sustain but maybe require a pup change.
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Washburn WI64, Epiphone G-400 SG, or an Epiphone Elitist SG if you can get another $80 together.
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