I've been looking at either the MS2 or MS 4 (the tiny amps) for practice/portability
MS4 is bigger, (full stack style)
1-would these be good choices? prices are 45 & 60. if not, better portable recomendation?
2-which of the two would be better for the money?
3-does the MS 4 even have a distortion switch? cant find it on the picture...


speedy replies please
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i belive the gain knob on the MS-4 is the amount of distortion.
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probably the best your gonna get for that price....if you wanta spend 100 bucks you can get a roland micro cube...pretty awesome little amp with built in effects and it sounds dang good.
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I have an MS-4. It sounds "alright". alright being for a marshall ss and 2 watts. It has a gain knob, but it doesn't do very well with distortion. I find you can get an alright distortion with the tone knob all the way down.
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