I may decide to get an acoustic, because though I have an electric, I enjoy the sound of an acoustic. Im looking to spend under $200 for it. I want it to be good quality, and im looking for a dark-ish brown color, not a light brown.
try the arts and lutherie line by godin. nice sound, good price. dont get black. it is a VERY cheap finish and will peel off rather quickly
i agree with IamJonsCranium they are really really nice guitars, i recomend the folk spruce modle, which was like under 300 canadian or so.
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Although its light brown...prolly the best guitar you'll find for under 200 is the Yamaha FG700S


I own 2 Art & Lutherie guitars and just played the Yamaha in question along with 2 better, more expensive Yamahas than the FG700S, and I prefer the A & Ls over all 3 Yamahas.
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You may only have 200, but you would need more for a good quality acoustic.

Incorrect. You can get a very nice, well built, solid-topped guitar for $200, that will suit any beginner, or anyone whose main instrument isn't acoustic.

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fender grand concerts kick a** but there light brown top and sides and bottom a nice rich dark brown but dont no the price it was a gift
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