I updated it and tryed to make it better. I made it about politics from two points of views; people who like Reagan and Bush (Aren't much for helping poor people), and for people who want to help poor people. I am sorry if I offend anyone.

I was trying to go in a more silly direction with this. I wrote this while I was listening to Syd Barrett. It's about a Super-Hero. Yeah, I know it sounds weird, but here it is:

Never was a big fan of the suit and cape,
but the public manages to keep me awake.
Never liked to hide my indentity,
It's good for the women if you know what I mean.
Don't like to share my political views,
People might think I have a few issues.
My ideas aren't crazy and they're really okay,
It's just that the old dream is fading away
But someone's in danger, so here I am,
I'm the Interstellar Man.

My name sounds weird, and I can't fly,
Sometimes I wonder why I try.
People I meet me ask me what I can do,
I say "Get in danger and I'll show you"
I ignore some people who might get hurt,
'Cause I'm afraid I'll get some dirt on my shirt.
The rich politician says I am cool
While the people rags say I'm really cruel
I don't help people out, or give them a hand,
I'm the one who makes it hard, I'm the Money Man

Not the best I've done, but I'm also not finished.
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The rymes and language weren't spectacular, but it was really entertaining. Not too many songs about super-heroes these days. I liked it.
I had to think it sounded a bit like a left-wing style poem about the United States...

I liked it though...for the most part, the above is true.
I think there are a few typoes you need to get rid of:

It's just that war tends to give me blues put 'the' in before blues

People I meet me ask me what I can do, People I meet ask me what it is I can do

Some of the rhymes were sorta weak...not really rhymes unless you stretched them...some of it was plain stupid. I realize you were going for silly, but be careful.

Entertaining though, comment on one of the ones in my sig please...

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