this is another song by my band The Variants, it is kind of bluesy, i think it sounds a little like cream...there is wah on the solom but i think the solo got left out of the mix....but it still sound allright to me...tell me what you think. oh..yeah its at our myspace
Listening now:

The recording quality isn't that great.

I thought it was Clapton at first, and you said it sounded like Cream. He's obviously a major influence.

The vocals aren't the greatest, but it's the blues so they don't have to be terrific.

Where exactly was the solo supposed to be? There didn't seem to be a break where there be one.

Overall, considering this is a two piece band, it was decent. I think with better recording quality and a little better vocals you guys would be a pretty catchy band. I actually liked the song, but make it more appealing with better vocals and include a good, bluesy solo.

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there is a solo, but when we mixed the song down to the computer, we accidentally left the track turned down..so there is a verse of just rhythm guitar after the second verse.