hey i have a question, my fender stratocaster has a little buzz when i play some notes, but that buzz comes only unplugged so i put a little bag of silica gel in the bag, i usually do this in my 2 acoustics and i think they sound better, but what can u tell me about doing this in the electric guitar, i hear that this is good for the strings longevity, what do u think also about the acoustics...
if u feel like the area where u keep ur guitars, especially the acoustics, is damp or humid. then its a good idea to keep a few packs in their cases.
less settling, the strings wont rust as fast.

u can always pick up a little humidity reader at a hardware store. try to keep it around 45%.

as for fretbuzz, as long as its just acoustically, its not a problem. u can always lift that string a little if u feel it necessary.

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Haha, there was a bag of that in my acoustic when I bought it. I didn't think it was supposed to be in there so I used tongs to pull it out. Guess I should have left it...