when you palm mute, do you have your palm (actually side of hand) on all of the strings, or when you need to palm mute higher sounding strings do you just slide your hand down there then pick it then back up the the lower strings?
Typically, you won't palm mute the higher strings. Although, you can of course. My plam doesn't cover all the strings when I mute, so I would need to slide it down. The only time I really do this is when playing palm muted lead lines. When playing rhythm, I don't palm mute the high strings too often.
like bob said...you usually dont pm those higher strings...but when you are palm muting you use just the side of your hand and just barely touching.

i dont kno if that helped..but its what my cousin told me and it helped me...so, i dunno.
well for aint talking bout love its the first 5 strings and i cover that petty good
I set the side of my picking hand on the bridge and then just roll forward a bit to PM
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Good call on Ain't talkin 'bout love. I play that alot but it didn't come to my mind yesterday. When I play that, I'm able to mute it all at once. Sometimes the high strings are hit or miss, but I like playing the first few strings muted and the last few open occasionally -- adds a little something to the riff.
when you palm mute you put the side of your hand as close to the bridge as you can get it
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