hey...im sure this has been done before but plz help...im trying to learn how to solo nd i have no idea wat to do...i kno some scales nd stuff but im not sure how to apply it to my music nd w/e so plz help nd thanks in advance
learn existing solos, mess with the scales, solo with songs that don't have solos in them. It'll just click eventually
Play in time. That'll do you more good than learning any scale ever would. And Leonhart, I don't see how that's sig-worthy.
Play along to songs with no solo's at all like cody733 said. Try to play with the song in key and try to improvise.

It will eventually click with you.
Most of the important things

in the world have been accomplished

by people who have kept on

trying when there seemed to be no hope at all
just sitting around with a guitar in your hand messing around with the pentatonic scale or whatever and adding in notes by ear helps a lot. sometimes ill just play for hours fooling around like that just playing whatever timing and note combinations my fingers can imagine or ill think of a riff or idea in my head and work it out on guitar. after fooling around enough like that playing the guitar will be like talking, the notes you want to say just come out and you dont even really think about what your doing things just happen. your thinking wont be in scales and fret numbers or the letters assigned to the note, its just in the sounds your making and being fluent in it.