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8 30%
string through
8 30%
one way trem
1 4%
10 37%
Voters: 27.
I like a nice suspension bridge. The golden gate is a personal favorite.
^^^ Hahaha

I like my Trem. bridge. I chance tunings, so I can go from stuff like "One" and soloing on the penatonic, to D-tune playing "Sad But True" and "Spoonman".

Anything but a double-locking/Floyd Rose is fine.
personally, i liked what was used on the vintage jaguar and jazzmasters...i think univox hiflyers used them too...
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I love the American Strat tremolos that go either way. I had one installed a little while ago on my Yamaha, its awesome.
my personal favorite is the Gibralator III bridge on my SZ320. Ibanez took the design of a tune-o-matic and altered it to make the saddles smoother and wider. meaning strings last longer, sustain is better, and when palm mutting it just molds to your hand.