My stupid brother took my guitar, and somehow he managed to break the nut on my neck, how much are these to replace, its made of plastic off a les paul custom
Minor? The nut is one of the hardest parts on a guitar to replace. It would be around 25-30 for a cheap repair and maybe an extra 5 for the part? That's only around where I work though, I'm not sure about anywhere else. And don't try making one yourself, you'd **** it up beyond belief.
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You can fix it yourself, if you trust yourself that is. You'll need a towel of some sort (not too thin), an iron, glue for the new nut, and the new nut itself of course. First remove all the strings on your guitar. Place your guitar on it's side somewhere so that it will not fall, slide, etc. Place the cloth over the nut area and put the iron on top of the towel. Make sure that the setting is not too hot (on a scale from 1-10, 10 being hottest, about a 3 or 4 because you do not want to warp the wood. Depending on how powerful your iron is, the time that it will take to melt the glue connecting the nut to the headstock will vary. Just be sure to check every half minute or so. After one side has started to lift, repeat on the other side. Afterwards, apply a thin strip of glue onto the new nut and place it into the proper space that you have just created. Press firmly and let dry, and be sure to wipe off any excess glue that might escape under the sides of the new nut. If you want a better walkthrough with pictures, google "replacing nut on guitar" or something similar and you should find some results.