I have a 1959SLP and a 1960TV cab. I've found many different setting that I am very pleased with. Although I'm curious if anyone would like to push me in the right direction to develope a more Jimmy Page sound. Ofcourse I'm not the first to ask. Blah Blah Blah. About a million little kids want to do the same. I'm just hoping someone out there would help me a little bit. I love and appreciate the many sounds he's created. And would like to re-create them, but not destroy them. If any of that makes sense. Well, if anyone could or would help, I'd appreciate it a great deal. Thank you very much.
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How about an attenuator and a Fulltone Soulbender?
If you're really nuts you could have your amp modded to take KT88 tubes, but that will be expensive and f*cking loud.
I have a real close friend who used to work on Tim Mahoney's guitars from 311 and he's mentioned walking me though it and helping me put KT88 tubes in it. I forget what tubes are in it now. But It's already far too loud to be played as a practice amp haha. I put a master volume mod on it so I could atleast somewhat try to control the loudest head marshal makes. But yeah I will deffinately check out those first two you mentioned. And mabey later convert to KT88's. Thank you for your post. I appreciate it.
"I don't do cocaine anymore....well only occasionally" ~ Slash
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I forget what tubes are in it now.


Good luck to you, it's nice to hear from someone with a nice piece of gear AND some intelligence once in a while.
Well thank you once again heh. This time for the compliment. And also for the tube names. Hopefully one day I will venture out into the KT88 stage, but untill now, because of the money envolved, I'll check out the first two. I should be satisfied with what I have now, but there's always something more haha. I know in the future I'll use it all. Hopefully my interests and I guess "talent" will eventually lead to a career. Thank you again for your help. It won't go un-used.
"I don't do cocaine anymore....well only occasionally" ~ Slash