I've heard that in order to get the most of practice time, you're supposed to use a metronome. Well, after making up excuses for some time now, I'm going to get one. I've narrowed it down to a few cheaper models, because I'm a cheapass and not picky.

Korg MM-1 (Goes in ear, therefore clicking can be quiet and it's EXTREMELY portable)
Seiko SQ-50
Korg MA-30
Matrix MR-600 or MR-500
Sabine Zipbeat-6000
Wittner MT50

The MM1 looks the best for price and portability, two things I want, and I'm not really concerned with being able to dial in specific BPMs. Any input is appreciated, I'll be heading to Mr. Entertainment any day now and I want to make a good, informed choice.

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You'll want something that can at the very least change BPMs and keep track of the speed you are at. This way you can track your progress. I don't know alot about all those brands, but I have a Korg and it's good. You dont need to worry too much about it, but get something that works for you...so far I'd recommend the mm1, since you seem to want the portability feature.
I have a Sabine Mt9000. It has a metronome/tuner/note toner. Its pretty good. The Metronome itself is very versatile and can measure beats that are 16th or 8th notes along with its standard BPM.
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