well me and a couple of my friends started up a band and basically i write the guitar and bass and keyboard plus the lyrics for all the songs but they somtimes help with lyrics anyways basically im sort of using them as dummies the bassist is my best friend and hes okay but sometimes has trouble keeping in rythmn with me and the vocalist is okay but has the same problem with timing and is a little controlling as so am i so we tend to clash and now we have came to the place where we find a drummer and they want another kid that has no idea how to play drums to come with us and start while i want someone talented because drums are a very essential part to a band and im starting to fill like a dick and very egotistical cause im the onlyone with any music knowledge or skill for that matter so what do yall think i should try to mold them or just say **** it and get good musicians but possibly hurt the feelings of my really good friends
i had the same problem with my band when we first started out. I played guitar and sang backups, my friend played bass and sang most of the songs but we didnt have a drummer. both of us had only been playing our instruments for less than 6 months at the time so obviously we werent really any good haha. But anyway my dad was a drummer so we had plenty of gear, amps, mics, PA, drum sets, anything we wanted really we just needed someone to play them so we got my friend that had played drums in the high school band (not a drum set like the orchestra style drums) to play with us just for fun to at least try and keep the beat, playing without a drummer is pretty lame even just for practice. eventually we had about 15-20 covers that me and the bass player knew perfectly but the drummer never practiced and was basically aweful. he just wasnt a drummer and didnt own a set of drums to practice on his own. anyway we got our first gig about a year and a half after me and the bass player first picked up a guitar and got paid $325 for playing a 25 song set of covers. we kicked the drummer out of the band the day after the show. It was like pulling teeth trying to get him to practice, he didnt own a drumset, and showed no interest in playing drums unless we were playing at a party or something in front of other people. He wasnt keeping up with the pace of talent me and the bass player were aquiring and it showed during our first gig.

Basically if you can find someone thats willing to work hard and practice every day to play drums for you then let them play. if they are just there to hit the drum and say they are in a band and arent showing any dedication kick them to the curb. The rest of the guys are still learning and its more fun to have a band with people you know and are friends with so id say give them a chance. you dont have to have 15 years of experiance to have a good band and make good music. the more you guys practice the better you are going to get and if you are friends with all of them practice will be fun, you will do it more often, and you will motivate each other to practice and get better. just dont take things to seriously especially when everyone is starting out. just do it for fun and have patience.
wow, stories like this makes me happy about my band
we might not be the best.... but the bass player has about 2 hours of day training
and me and the drummer atleast 4...

what i think you should do i think if you want to invest in thos guys
you can either work with them for a long time until they get good and you play with them normally...
or just get better musicians.. which will be faster and will take you less work
but you wont play with your friends.. decide which one you want more..
Dude! $325 for your first gig? Nice
Anyway, my band had the same problem with our drummer and it got to 2 weeks before our first gig after we'd been playing as a band for about 6 months. We'd got the setlist nailed a couple of months before the gig but it got to 2 weeks before it and our drummer still couldn't play a single song on the list. We kicked him out and got a new drummer in. We we're kinda worried about whether we'd be able to play but the new guy just sat down and in 1 week (that was all the time we had) and only 2 rehearsals he was able to play all the songs perfectly.
Our bassist is an amazing bass player but can't really write stuff that well so I just write the bass riffs myself and our singer writes pretty much all our lyrics.
So now it's all good.
^^ like your sig.

It's always important to jam with your friends, but if you want to go anywhere you need someone with skills. If you feel like he can work, then invest the time and make it happen but if not... It's over for him .

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playing in a band takes some serious effort, work, and skill. this can stress friendships if not everyone is willing or able to contribute to this equally.
Get a keyboard that has the shift, comma, and period keys, then get a better band.
use your friends in the band.. even if you dont get a lot of gigs and stuff, you will enjoy the band MUCH more if you have friends in it. it makes it like seriously, one billion times funner, cuz you arent just like psyched about nailing a song, you are doing it with your friends.. anyway, if the drummer wants like some other drummer to come along, (whats with that?) id like have them both come for like one practice session and see wuts up with that. if the other guy cant drum and just wants to be in the band, tell the good drummer that you only want him cuz you dont have room for two drummers, especially one that cant drum. if the good drummer is worth keeping and you dont know if you can find another drummer, but he only will join if the other guy can, give the other guy some fake position or something, or have him do all the managing and stuff or say he can join if he gets you a peice of equipment you guys need. who knows, maybe he has natural talent and will one day be able to play with you.. anyway, you never know if you will be able to find other musicians, so try to work with whatever youve got.