This is a song I wrote a few days ago
Feedback Pleaz

This loneliness deep inside my core
This uncomfortable feeling ringing throughout my soul
I cannot shake it I cannot shake it
I wish you were here I wish you were speaking to me
This hurricane of horrible emotions inside myself
I cannot shake it I cannot shake it

I want to go home I want to leave
I know this is where you live and you?re trying to please
But I need somewhere when I can be in peace
Home is bittersweet for me
I love it when I?ve been gone and it when I?ve been home
I wish there was someone I could show
What and why I?m feeling as though my heart is being ripped out of my chest
I need somewhere where I can lay my head to rest
I feel like I want to cry I almost wish that I could die
I just want to be home

Please just talk to me
I need you to love me and be
My best friend again
I don?t want to be here can?t you just comfort me
I just want to cry till I die
Go break my soul, you?re making me uncomfortable
And now you, I cannot shake you I cannot shake you

I?m sitting on a foreign bed with not idea when I?m getting out
I?m sitting in a foreign room with the light of the television flickering blue
I?m sitting in a foreign place with my mind racing about you
I?m sitting in a foreign state of mind that I haven?t been to in a long time
I?m sitting here and my own self feels foreign
its quite gd.. started off strong as you are setting the tone of the song with your 1st line.. but the lines in each verse is irregular so i am not sure whether it will flow well.. i am also not too sure about your last verse man, i wanted it to have a strong ending but it kinda fell short... all in all a fair effort i guess.. =]
Quote by DanRev
"Come over to my place, no ones home"

I went, there was no one home.