alright i have a epipone les pual custom and i play metal im thinking about puting emgs 81/85 in it are there any better pickups for playing metal also which seymour duncan pickup is best for metal
I've got the 81/85 in my epi lp custom, and they work awesome for metal. I'd recommend them instantly.

As far as duncans go, I hear that the invaders work well for metal. The JB/59 configuration tends to have more articulation and a more "organic" sound to it, but isn't as high output as the 81/85, and therefore takes a little more to dial in a metal tone as opposed to the emgs. Nonetheless, either would be a fine choice, but emg's will probably suite you better, coming from my experience with them.
I have emgs in both my guitar totally reccomend them if u get symour go for the dime buckers
i have a set of duncan distortion which kick ass
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the dimebucker is sick as ****, beautiful for pinches and natural harmonics... u have to adjust the pickup height perfectly for your guitar tho or u wont get the tone, theres no give in there, but once u get it its brilliant, and the seymour duncan jazz neck pickup is my personal messiah. active pickups are only really good if u play purely strait up metal cuz the clean tone is non existant

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