I've been recording with a little headphone microphone for a year now and it really sounds terrible, so I've been looking to invest in a fairly good condenser microphone. If you've got advice on what microphone I should get, and what adapters and stuff I'll be needing, I would be very thankful.

My set up is as follows: Gibson SG, Fender 212R amp, Boss ME-50 multi-effects processor, Boss DD-20 delay pedal, Dell laptop computer, and audacity.

Right now my budget is about $100 for the microphone and $50 for the necessary adapters for the microphone-to-computer set up. I'll be buying from musiciansfriend.com, so it would be best if your recommendations would come from there. Thanks in advance.
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If you get a Mic with a 1/4 jack, you can get an adapter from Radion Shack for around 5 bucks. It'll plug into the "Mic In" slot that's next to the headphone slot on your laptop. That's what I use. It's not the greatest, but for 5 dollars, it sounds much better than a headphone mic.
I saw someone use a device that you'd plug the microphone into, and then the device would plug into the computer via USB, do you have any idea what that thing is called? And how does it measure up to just using a series of adapters (e.g. microphone XLR to 1/4" to 1/8")?
i have a m-audio mobile pre and it's like an external sound card that is better at recording music. you're sound card right now probably can't sample at the quality the mobile pre can and it has multiple inputs and phantom power for xlr mics
Buy an MXL 990, and a M-Audio Fasttrack. That will just let you scrape by.
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Oh nice, that fast track thing was exactly what he had. Does "phantom power" play a role here? As in, do I need to buy a separate phantom power supply so the mic will function correctly?
I actually have a MXL 990, it does what I need it to. Phantom power is used for microphones with active electronics (ie, condenser mics). I bought some cheapy tube pre-amp for the in/out EQ and phantom power, but it apparantly works with phantom power off (I think, i'm too lazy to check)
The MXL needs phantom.
I'm not very active here on UG currently.
I'm a retired Supermod off to the greener pastures of the real world.
I suggest a Shure SM57. It's used in pro studios all over the world for guitar amps and even vocals. It's a dynamic mic, so it does not need phantom power.
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