alright...im writing a song now, and im aiming for AABA (i think thats a rhyme scheme..if not correct me)

but when you get to the chorus after the first verse...if the verses are aaba should the chorus be aaba too?
^ the chorus does not need to have the same rhyme scheme as the verse. in fact, i kinda like it when the chorus changes to a very different rhyming scheme becuase that really separates it from the verse. really, do whatever you want and what you think sounds best for your song. its not a sonnet, there is no set rhyme scheme that you have to follow.
i see...thanks for filling me in jof1029. i kinda feel the same way too about the change between the verses and chorus

...but i still figured i would just check it out see what other people said. anyone else have any more suggestions?

ALSO, does anyone kno some other interesting rhyme schemes to use?
Here are a few off the top of my head:

Also be aware of different types of rhymes. You can have a perfect rhyme: Moon/June, Day/Say. You can also have rhymes that are similar: Try/Mine, You/Soon.
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There are no set rhyme schemes and the chorus doesn't have to be the same rhyme scheme as the verse. It can be, though, if you want it to.

You can make up your own rhyme scheme as well. One that I thought up of seems to work pretty well for me (I know someone has probably used this before me ) It's ABACADED