anybody dig the sword? theyre debut just came out this year and theyre an awesome doom metal/rock group from Texas.
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i personally cant stand them, but oh well,if you like em more power to ya....

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all i can say is what a dumb band name
Youtube covers

meh. ive never been a fan of this kind of metal. they sound like theey wanna be just like black sabbath.
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I think you should listen to Bodom_Shredder7.

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Listen to Bodom_Shredder, he knows what hes talking about

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Bodom Shredder was right

Solid band, but overrated. As Bodom_Shredder said, they sound like their trying to be Sabbath clones.
i think they are a good band, and you cant judge a band so harshly based on there first album, not all bands find there definite sound when they first get a record deal, i think with time they will improve.

I Always thought they had a pretty cool band name, not as ool as something liek iron maiden or Emperor though...still pretty cool