ok, this seems like a stupid question because i dont think any acoustic guitar under 100 bucks is that great of a one. but, i could be wrong. im not too familiar with acoustics.

but is this guitar any good?


seems like a low quality one to me.

just thought id ask to see if anyone else knew...cause i need an acoustic but i dont have a lot of money. any suggestions? OTHER THAN get a job or something. cause i do need one of those too.
It seems OK, why don't you get a cheap classical guitar if money is a problem. If not, buy a Maton. Maton FTW.
Have you tried looking for a lightly used model in a local music shop? Lots of people buy acoustics with the intention of learning to play then decide that it is too hard or they dont have time. So they put the new acoustic on consignment back in the shop they bought it from. Good luck and just check your shops....sometimes you can snag a really nice instrument for about 150-200 maybe less
i'm not a fan of dean acoustics in general, though i've never played or even seen this model. i'm pretty skeptical about this one also though. the site doesn't mention anything at all about the construction of the guitar... also the name playmate almost makes it sound like maybe a parlor guitar... by that i mean not a full size body. i really have no idea though.
ok, i'll look around at local shops, and ill look into that Maton FTW and classical stuff...also Yamaha..my bro-in-law has a yamaha and i like it, so maybe ill look and see if they're expensive.