I have no experience in polishing songs or producing them. While I am admittedly an adept guitarist, I have no idea where I am with actually pulling something together. Jamming off of random licks that you come up with and composing actual music are two totally different things, apparently. All in all, I don't know. I pulled about fifty seconds of an off the wall jam into this little acoustic riff with two lead guitars. I prefer the harshest comments you can dish out. It's the first time I've ever showed a composition since I reformatted my computer and lost half of the hundreds of riffs I had stored up and the fifty or so attempted songs I had (A handfull of which rocked, yet rock no more.)

Anyways, here. It's called Tristram.
"Chuck-E-Cheese called. They want their band back."
Bar 10 and Bar 13 annoyed me a bit, didn't like the harmonies in 10 and some notes in 13 clashed a bit. It's alright, nothing special, the solo starts out well but it kinda drains out a little towards the end. If there was more chordal movement it might be a bit better too.
Sounds good to me. Contrary to Virgil_Hart05 I liked the harmonies. Nice job, but maybe extend on it a bit?