and not sound like a total newb, and be able to play some songs decently?
How about being able to synthesize your own songs/music?

I'm finding it easier and easier to play riffs and sorta dial in finger memory pretty quickly. I'm not too into chords but that's definately what I have to work on.. then it'll be easy..
firstly define proficient, everyones has their own meaning.
2ndly, synthesize isnt the word your looking for... compose??

lastly, ive been playing for 6months
Guitars... *drools uncontrollably*
I did in the first post
"and not sound like a total newb, and be able to play some songs decently?
How about being able to synthesize your own songs/music?"

I'm not talking about being a great guitar player but ya know.. proficient

actually synthesize is what I mean.. I mean.. yeah heh
kinda the same
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Short answer: "No".
Long Answer "Really, no"

So I'm going to still sound like a complete newb? unable to go through an entire song?
If you practice enough and learn the songs properly etc, probably, yea, it's what practicing's about really.

But why?....
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Well i can play alot of metallica stuff already including MOP solo. My first solo was disposable heroes solo which took me ages in those 6 months but now i can play it with ease where in those 6 months it took ages till the solo ended but now its just a breeze and my muscles in my fingers is to use to that 8 nps i think?? oh wells i can pass that now.....
Just an influence.
I doubt six months, although it depends how fast you learn. (why 6 months anyway?)
Also, you dont want to learn too many songs by one band because it really wil compromise your own style of playing. just work through it yourself, hell, I've been playing three years and I've only just got my own style.
Download some tabs and spend all night after school/work playing them till you can play it with your eyes closed. And your fingers bleed.
Depends on what you mean by proficient. I've played for 8-9 months now, and i know the whole outro solo of paradise city. This is about as fast as i ever want to play, coz to my ears, it doesn't sound good when you go beyond that speed.

But creatively, i've still got miles and miles to go, and i will never stop practising to become a better guitarist.

Speedwise? Sure, you can be the worlds best after 3 months of dedicated practise. But playing guitar is about so much more than speed.
err uh..I never mentioned speed lol
I actually hate shredding and think it's silly.. I mean just look at David Gilmour.. he makes great music

I don't think speed will be a problem for me.. I would say just being able to get the voicing correct on songs and things like that

here's another q?

how about in 5 years.. practice 5-6 hours a day.. will I be better than the old farts that have played a long time but never made anything?

lol silly questions i know
It's hard to say because everyone advances at their own pace and you dont always advance at a steady speed. For my first year I was terrible, could just about play Whole Lotta Love, then over the next 3 years I started listening to different music like Iron Maiden, Green Day (Shut up! they were complex when I started!). So I advanced faster in my last 3 years than in my first.

However, since I started listening to Trivium and other metal stuff, I've advanced much faster.

But in answer to your question, unless you practice freakishly much I dont think so. You just wont have been playing long enough to be perfectly comfortable playing scales and doing chord transitions quickly and fluently. Like I said, it depends on how much practice you do.
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well in a good way, that's good.. so I won't be completely discouraged if I can't do stuff lightning quick or song-speed in my first year

I don't think I'd be so worried but I'm 23 so it's like I'm a later starter

say what do you think of that dSL401?
*sigh* look at it this way: i know people who play almost constantly, who've been playing for a good few years, and still sound and play like something that should just be dragged outside and shot. on the other hand, i know people who have played for a couple of months and picked it up just like that. it really, really does depend on your musical inclination. ok, practising helps, but it helps a lot more if youre musically inclined anyways.